Holy Week Comes

Six weeks ago, I agonized over what to read during the season of Lent. You may have guessed that I didn't read anything. I tried to create instead. I painted. I wrote. I cooked. I have even thought about poetry -- though nothing is composed.

And now, Holy Week is here. We had the confusing Sunday of Palm and Passion and now it's time to make our way into this week -- which means that I must find a way to stay sane. There can be drinks with other pastor-types and the gym. But, I need something to remind me what this week is all about. I need to read.

Yes, this means I'm a dork. So be it. And for those of you that are counting, this means that I'm reading two books at once. While on retreat, I picked up Reading Judas by Elaine Pagels and Karen King. I'm half way through this very, very short book and eager to learn more. This book even offered me a new way to look at this Sunday's celebration. I'm eager to continue the journey.

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(Don't tell anyone. I'm reading a novel.)