Woo hoo!

My self care pratice is forcing me to go on retreat the weekend before Holy Week. Isn't that brilliant? It's like they knew. They didn't. Easter is too early. They didn't know when we would start. It just happened that way. Not that I'm that stressed out about Holy Week. I mean, I'm the associate. I don't do that much. (This is said with slight venom.)

But, who cares? I'm packing an overnight bag and going to hang out in a coastal community just a tad north of here. I'm going to stay at a bed and breakfast. I'm going to go to a museum that hosts one of my favorite artists -- and I'm told has more of his work than Texas. I'm going to enjoy the beauty of the state I live in because -- I have to take a retreat this weekend. Bummer, right?

I love self care.


Songbird said...

Sounds fabulous!

Teri said...

that does sound fabulous!

Tell me more about this slight venom. Is it sarcasm, or frustration at not having more of a role in Holy Week, or something else entirely? I'm intrigued.

And, of course, I want to hear more about your retreat!!!

Pastor Peters said...

teri, i'd be happy to answer that question off site. email me darling. and i'm going to beat you in scrabulous. be very afraid.

LittleMary said...

have fun!

more cows than people said...

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! ah... a retreat... i'll settle for acupuncture today and reiki next tuesday.

apbs said...

yay you!