Reading Challenge V

After book club last night, I finished The Best American Non-Required Reading 2007 that I discovered through a recommendation by Katherine. I really rather enjoyed this book. I'm fascinated that these high school kids spend a considerable amount of work to create this volume of non-required reading.

I really liked the collection of information that these kids collected: new words in 2007, best first sentences of 2007, most interesting titles, etc. It was fun to see things that I would never, ever come across. Mind you: the theological things that they quote are not things that I would ever, ever read.

Most of this collection is short stories. I think we should read short stories more often (by we, I mean me). I think they're wonderful. I especially loved the story How to Tell Stories to Children. I just loved it. And I admit that there was one story that I skipped. But, I really did love reading this.

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apbs said...

huh. sounds good. maybe i'll pick it up!