Learning to Write

I would like to begin with two teeny tiny complaints. First: it's March. The Spring Equinox has come and gone. It's almost April. It doesn't need to be warm -- but snow? Really? Why snow? Is this really necessary? I'm grateful it didn't snow for Easter like it did in the Midwest but still. C'mon now. Second: I would really like to be healthy. I seem to get sick after these big holidays. I don't have the flu that it seems everyone around me has. But, I got sick on Easter Monday or Tuesday. And now, I'm sunken into my couch praying for health. This also forced me to cancel my birthday party tonight -- which is fine. Again, it's snowing. I'm happy to stay in. Sad that I'm not healthy. But, whatever.

I'm going home on Sunday after church. I have no idea where home is anymore. I imagine that this will become more and more complicated. But, I'm going back to the place where I grew up to celebrate my actual birthday and go to the New Testament conference at my alma mater.

For now, I'm sitting on my couch and writing. One of the thoughts that is bouncing around in my mind as I weigh what it is that I want to do with my current call is my long-held dream to write a novel. One day, I would like to write about seeking a call and what that is like. I actually started by writing about my brother. I wrote my anger and my process. I wrote in small fits of rage. And yet, I don't think that's what I want to continue with. I don't think I will scrap it though. I think that this is a novel about what it means to be church. My fits will become one character among many that come to find a home in church -- as we wonder about what this means. It will largely be a story about these people that I serve now. I will not use names or obvious narratives. Instead, this will be a story about how these people are compiled into five or six different main characters and how discover what it means to be church together. I'm hesitant because I feel like I need to disclose this to members of the church. After all, my hopeful end is to be published. For now, it's fun to write. We'll see where it leads... And health would be nice too.

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