Reading Challenge VI

It is strange for me to think about home. This is perhaps true for David Sedaris too -- as he claims a home in different cities and even in his own childhood. In Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, Sedaris uses short stories to find a home in his childhood. Nothing is fully resolved or even -- but this is the way life often is.

Life is full of strange awkward moments where we can't believe that our family is so messed up. And yet, Sedaris reminds me that even those moments are gifts. They offer laughter and possibility. They are the stuff that make us human -- and I love being human. I don't need a perfect story to remind me of what it means to be human. I need the sarcastic wisdom of another person who is just as human as I am. I returned home last night to read the last story in this collection. And I sighed with relief.

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apbs said...

i gave this book to my sister for xmas a few years ago, and she giggled her way through it on my couch. it was fun to hear her read it.