I have maintained a relatively low profile on this blog. I use part of my full name. If you really search for me through Google, you can find me -- and tonight, I learned that a church member did find me.

As we were relaying the milk service in the soup kitchen, he remarked something about how Bill Clinton hit on me. I had no idea how he knew this information. I hadn't shared it with the larger church though I did mention it several times in my search process. It's a little bit of humor. It makes people laugh -- and Lord knows we should all be laughing. This was not a church member on the search committee. I was at a loss. I furrowed my brow.

How did he know this? He had read it in this post. I came home and edited my first name out of all of my posts. I'm not sure that it matters that he knows this -- or anyone knows this. And yet, this is such a timely conversation.

I had this conversation with a friend in the beginning of Lent about my blog. He asserted that I must be using my writings toward another end. I wasn't intending to do anything. It is something I have thought about doing. But, I hadn't actually done anything. So during Lent, I started writing a book chronicling my life story (or part of it). I have been wondering about exposure and if I can tell these stories so honestly when I have maintained a low profile on my blog. And then, my church member finds me. Does this mean I don't want to share my story? Or am I interested in sharing it in my own terms? Or does it really matter?

Perhaps I should just smile and wave at church members that found me. You have mastered Google. You should be rewarded. You can know my inner life -- boobs, brother and all. Welcome.

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Teri said...

If they can figure out google, that means there's no reason for them not to respond to emails and RSVP requests, right???? :-)

I have been open about my blog, and I use my real name and my photos and whatnot...I don't go around saying "hey, I have a blog, check it out!" but people do anyway. Every time someone mentions it I feel a little exposed, and it's not even a secret. And I'm pretty careful about what I write there...though not about what I write on friends' blogs (or on the RGBP page) in the comments and it occurred to me today that it wouldn't be hard to follow my comments there either! ack!

All that to say: I feel that. :-)