Life Can Be Heavy

In case you are wondering, he emailed last night to say that he had a nice time. I think that that infers that he would like to see me again sometime -- as we have the possibility of lots of areas of conversation. But, he didn't ask. He also emailed rather than called. That's a little odd. Maybe he's not a big phone person. Who knows?

He also named my big concern of over-sharing. And it turns out, several of you have better insight than I do. He thought it was nice to get such deep insight into who I am. He said that life was heavy. It's nice to know that others admit that. So, well, we'll see what happens with the Boatman.


more cows than people said...

sorry i've been out of touch. just read the first date post and this one. i do the 'oversharing' thing too, and apologize for it a lot, but usually, when i do... it is because it is safe and wise to do so. i haven't read the previous comments, but it sounds like that may have been the case this time as well. i'm glad you heard from him and that a second date is possible.

dating kind of sucks. you don't suck at it. all shall be well.

LittleMary said...

ha! Well look at that! i think this means he wants to see you again. and i have found with match that emailing is so much easier, even after you have met someone. this is good.