Reading Challenge IV

It seems that there are many, many, many people that love this book. I fear that they should review it. I read it for book group which meets on Friday -- and must admit that I'm grateful to be done.

There are some great theological insights. I admit. There are some great questions and some interesting pondering about calling and vocation (for church and otherwise). I like that it deals with the problem of God in the storytelling -- but the story was just a little far fetched for me. I mean, I'm UCC. We love everyone. All y'all are welcome in church. However, I'm not sure about going to the galaxy to understand what it means to be inclusive in God's love. It's just too much sci-fi for this girl. However, it will be great for conversation.


Backwoods Rev said...

I had a pastor mentor who was pursuing 'future studies' - looking a mission and what it would be in 50, 100 or even 500 years from now.

the thought being when we did make contact with those in the greater universe, will we still have our old, ethnocentric and andropocentric way of evangelizing?

The sparrow rocked me to my core- and scared me.

but I also like a good sci-fi/fantasy scare :)

apbs said...

EXCELLENT--and proper-- use of "all y'all."