Not Focusing on Jesus

I know that I should be thinking about Jesus and approaching the cross and all that. But, let's face it. I've never been very disciplined about this approach. I've never really been the "perfect" Christian that I dream of being who meditates with deep intensity.

Instead, I'm entertained by the email exchange I'm having on Match.com with a man that works in a boatyard on the coast. He's not a lobsterman. But, when I dreamed of dating a Maine man, he was what I had in mind. Will it work? I have no idea. Does it matter? No. His emails are too entertaining.

He asked the fated minister question wanting to know if it would be different to date one. Was I looking for something different than a lover or a special someone? I can't imagine what else I would be looking for. And now, he's whipped out his Bible. He's actually Christian though doesn't go to church. He's also been home sick for several days and is starting to get stir crazy. He read the Passion narrative -- or as he calls it "the Easter bits" -- and wanted some clarification on why Simon was carrying the cross with Jesus. He told me that I could ignore this which I probably shall (except that I'm blogging about it instead of replying to his email right away). The best was the conclusion of his email:

If we stay in contact you might have to take my Bible away.

OK, I have a crush on a boy that I have not met. And it's not Jesus. But, I'll try to think about him now while I go to the gym with my recent copy of the Christian Century (which by the way is about marriage. How cruel is that?!).


Songbird said...

I like Maine boys who are charming via e-mail. Sounds great!

Erica B said...

I think the fact that he would LET you take the Bible away bodes well!