So, you already know the background. But, just in case...

This summer, I travelled to Washington DC to be with other clergy women under the age of 40 at the Cathedral College of Preachers. The conference was hosted by The Young Clergy Women Project.

I'm honored to sit on the board of this organization so after the enthusiasm of the conference had settled, I sat with the 10 other board members to brainstorm our hopes and needs for young clergy women. Want to see who we are? Someone took a cute photo of us after our meeting. You can see it here.

Our conversations in hot and sticky DC created Fidelia's Sisters. And guess what? It was published today! I'm beaming! I'm the editor of The Gospel According to Lexi D. Vina. Get it? If you are interested in continuing Lexi's story, please include your contact in the comments here. Enjoy!

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