One Lord and Savior

I had lunch today with a member of the church that has drifted. I met her at the soup kitchen on Saturday night. She was once very involved and committed -- and has wandered away. I was delighted by her. And as she is also unemployed, I offered to feed her. I didn't realize that I would be blessed by amazing conversation.

She has drifted because she is on a spiritual journey. She has started to practice shamanism with a local Native American tribe and has found it life-giving. I can't say that I blame her. As one that worships with other communities when I need to be spiritually charged, I relate. She still loves Jesus. And yet, in her wandering, she was told that at the end of the day she had to proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior to continue membership in the church.

These words stung for me. I know that this is important to our faith. It's foundational to my ordination. And yet, it seems that so many of us wander. In our spiritual hodge podge, we find various practices important and relevant to our own faith perspective. So, I wonder if it's limiting for us to push the Lord and Savior as the only way to understand Christianity. Is this the only way that we understand membership in our faith communities? I'm not so sure.

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Audrey said...

I am with you. I heard from a church planter in chicago who talked about how her church is for those who are christian as well as those who aren't (www.wickerparkgrace.net). it seems so obvious a choice, and yet we get so obsessed with insider/outsider stuff when we get deep in the practices of ministry. glad you enjoyed your lunch!