The Boob Update

I know that you are all dying to know what's going on with my boobs. Needless to say, they are still small and nothing has really happened. My complusive screening has shown no signs (I wonder if psychology factors into my self-exams sometimes).

Too much information? Tough. Do a self-breast exam. Once a week. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Talk about it in church -- if you don't cry when you start talking about it like I do. Then again, Katherine reminds me that it's ok to be vulnerable and cry. She wrote a great story on Fidelia's Sisters.

So, anyhow, I just got the call from the nice lady at the Breast Health Center. She wanted to the background information on my family history. I got to explain once again that it is possible that my Norwergian relatives carried the gene. They were cousins and aunts of my grandfather. Did you know that men can carry the gene? Did you know that men can even develop breast cancer? It's true. Bestafar might have had it. (Bestafar is Grandfather in Norwegian.) Though I don't know for certain, I'm left to speculate and worry. I could hear her nod encouragingly through the phone. She understood. She even understood that my family doesn't talk about it and I feel like a sleuth when I ask. But, with the recommendation of my doctor, Nancy is going to call me to make an appointment. I'm going to have a mammogram. I have to consider if I'm going to get an MRI and we'll talk more about DNA testing. I still don't know what I think. But, I feel enough peace now that at least I have been heard and an appointment will soon come.


ppb said...

I know someone whose male priest wears a pink stole through all of October. And I think that's pretty damn awesome.

Songbird said...

So glad you were heard, finally.

Teri said...

I'm glad they finally listened!

There is a t-shirt for sale in town here that I am going to buy you. Email me your real address so I can send it!

I'm getting one too, and I might get one for Amy as well (if it comes in her large ta-ta size). Maybe we can wear them together in Scotland next year. :-)

Miguel Angel Escobar said...


I love reading your blog. This post, in particular, is wonderful. I've put it on my Google Reader.

LittleMary said...

hi love. it is great when the ball is rolling to make you feel better. you are in charge now, or at least you can think you are anyway. good job. talk soon.

apbs said...

well, that certainly sounds like a much more positive interaction than that other time. maybe they had some sort of awareness training, like, "breast cancer doesn't care if you're young."