A Place for Fairies

In the midst of the woods yesterday, Songbird and I made a place for fairies. I don't know where this tradition came from but there are several places in Maine which have been claimed as Fairy Villages. In these communities, folks are welcomed to create natural shelters for the fairies that call this place home.

So this is what Songbird and I did after the dreaded appointment where I didn't actually get a mammogram. Teri sent me a text message telling me that it was National Mammogram Day and sending love. It would have been too obvious for me to get a mammogram on this day. I had a wonderful consultation with a fantastic nurse who listened, affirmed and advised me. I have a plan. I know what my care will include. I will be getting a digital mammogram in February -- which will make the whole month of February miserable (it's the anniversary of Mom's death).

Clutching my Starbucks cup that makes my breasts lumpier (I don't care), I held Songbird's hand as we admired our shelter for the fairies. It was fragile and gentle. It wouldn't have weathered a strong breeze -- but it was beautiful. It felt like a safe space which it was. I got to cry and tell stories about my mom. I got to feel that magic is still possible. I got to feel that magic in the words of my praying friend. We laughed and cried and talked about family. It was magic. It was a place for fairies -- fairies like me and Songbird.

We made that special place in the woods for magic to still be possible. As so many other friends have, Songbird reminded me to believe in magic. In her words and her knowing smile, she affirmed my need to believe that magic is still out there even when cancer looms. I want to thank all of the fairies out there. Many of you have been reading and commenting. Some of you have sent emails that made me cry. Someone even sent me a Save the Tatas tshirt. Thank you to all of the fairies that have been my magic in these past few weeks. Thank you so much.


Songbird said...

I love you, just so you know.

ppb said...

I want to see a fairy house someday.

Sounds like a good choice for the day.

Holding you in the light.

Alex said...

Thinking about you... keep drinkin' the S-bucks

Li said...

still holding you in prayer, and so glad the day was okay!

(and just a side note: building fairy-dwellings comes from old Irish folklore/practice. I think there are some places in Ireland still build them/visit them to this day...)

LittleMary said...

what a beautiful thing. i imagine you with the fairies, as one yourself, and it makes me smile. sending you lots of love.

apbs said...

whoa. back up. caffeine makes your breasts lumpy? what? does everyone know this but me?

Pastor Peters said...

yup, it causes lumps. not cancer. just lumps. i refuse to cut back.

i do enough self exams that i know the lumps now... so i shall enjoy my caffeine.

apbs said...

well, i'll be damned. learn something every day.

LadyBurg said...

Not giving up the coffee either. Lumps or no lumps.

Sending you love and wishing I could have seen the fairy house. It sounds lovely. Glad you have wonderful friends like Songbird!