I am still at the Annual Meeting of the Maine Confernece United Church of Christ. And I'm tired. I could be tired because the conversation has been tiring. We were prophetic -- or I like to think that even though I'm not sure what we did vote on was actually prophetic. Or maybe because we have been sitting for so freakin' long.

I started a blog for church. No one reads this other blog yet. That's not true. I know there is one reader. But, just one and there are no comments yet. I admit that I like the comments. It's part of what compels me to blog. Anyhow, I have been blogging for church during these decisions. And this would be DAY 12 without a day off. The 7 delegates of my local church don't understand this. They are hopeful and excited. But, they don't really absorb the idea that I'm working all weekend. One of them offered that it must be a break to have Sunday morning off. Actually, I would love to have had my weekend and work tomorrow morning at church. I wasn't there last week after the Confirmation Retreat. I feel disconnected.

OK, I admit. I feel tired. But, I'm plotting for the "extra" day off that I am taking on Tuesday. Erica asked for a little help in her blog. And I feel a similiar plea every time I take a day off on a day that others (I mean, non-church types) don't have the day off. How am I supposed to make friends if I have weird days off? Like a Tuesday? WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO HANG OUT WITH?

I know. It's whiny. But, I wonder this sometimes. I'm a little tired too. But, instead, I think I might get a massage. A friend gave me a very, very generous gift certificate to this place. Of course, the tension I feel is not as much in my feet as it is in the that between the shoulders space. So, I wonder if I should look a little further and save the gift certificate for cold Maine weather. So much to think about.


Songbird said...

After 3 weeks without a single full day off, I am staying home tomorrow. I hope you enjoy Tuesday.

apbs said...

i've had a hard time wrapping my brain around this one. my weekend as chaperon on the ski trip or at diocesan convention... yeah, i consider that work, too. but how do i take extra days off when my congregants don't when they also go to this stuff (too wordy)? i mean, i take the extra day and everything, and fully support you doing the same. am i modeling good behavior/self-care, waiting for the rest of the world to catch up? i guess i'm trying to say i can't fully articulate why yet, and that bothers me. if you can, by all means, please. help.

LittleMary said...

yeahhhh. i hear ya sister. hard to make friends with tuesdays off. i don't know if i would know what to do with myself if i ever got 2 days off in a row, both on a weekend. what a strange way people live.

Single said...

I'm with ya. I have Mondays off, which is fabulous in that it gives me the morning to sleep in and recover from Sunday. But no one else ever has Monday off, and even if they did, what would we do? Most of the restaurants around here are closed on Mondays, so we couldn't even go for lunch. It's irksome.

One thing I do for my own sanity is try to take Friday night off if at all possible. It doesn't always work, but unless there's a really big church event, I defend Friday evenings so that I can hang out with non-church friends at a time that seems more normal to them.