A Hidden Blessing

Let go.
Let God.

Though I have no idea who first said these words or why, they have been on my mind these past few days. They were said to me right before I left for my jaunt to the Midwest. I believe I even said them to the Senior Pastor in the midst of his recent struggles. These familiar and appropriate words even appeared on a church sign (because there are a lot of those in the Midwest). That still small voice wants me to hear these words.

Of course, all of this repetition didn't smack me until I zoomed from one airport to the next to try to be home in time for Sunday worship. I was eager if not determined to make it home. I wanted to be in church. I did. I really wanted to be in church. I had taken these few days to unwind with old friends that knew me before I became Pastor Peters. I knew that I needed to embrace this mantra. It's what made me take this little mini-vacation in October. I thought I had slowed down. I thought that I had completely abandoned my inner New Yorker pushing me to overdrive. I thought that she was gone -- until the knots in my back appeared and I found myself staring at the airport monitor.

I did what you are supposed to do in these moments. I called a friend. I told her I was stranded in her city. I wanted to wait and see if I could get on this flight. And of course, the Lord of the Airport laughed and reminded me:
Let go.
Let God.

I won't be in church tomorrow. I won't be at the denominational meeting to follow. I won't be there for the many things that perhaps should demand my attention. Instead, I booked a morning flight and came to have a beer with friend.


more cows than people said...

your saturday was my friday- kind of. but by the grace of god i let go more easily than usual.


this is a struggle for me too.

Teri said...

when those frustrating moments turn into something good--isn't that fab? When those frustrating moments turn into teaching moments...well, still good but highly annoying. I have had that exact experience, though in a different airport, and only been able to say "look, God, I know you're in charge and all, but do you have to go reminding me all the time that you're always right? It's kind of irritating. I hate when my parents are always right...maybe the same goes for the Perfect Parent?" Maybe next time I'll have your grace about it! :-)

LittleMary said...


Alan said...

I had a hotel stay in Chattanooga TN last night that started out bad. The room was a shoe box and the air did not work. I ended up in the Governor's suite. I could have accepted the room and sweated it out but chose to ask for something better. Surely, I thought they must have a better room in this hotel. Asking worked. I thought about God's desire to give us an upgrade if we would only take the step of faith to pick up the phone (pray) and call the front desk (talk to God)and ask. I Enjoyed reading your blog. God Bless