Favorite Church Moment

This past Sunday, I preached with the interim who was leaving as I arrived. Reflecting upon Ecclesiastes many seasons, we talked about change and saying goodbye. We talked about how hard it is. We talked about how God is present in all those changes.

So during the service, I was doing a lot of walking back and forth across the chancel. I was wearing heels. One of my favorite pairs actually. But, the mics pick up every single noise that you make moving across the chancel. So, I was really insecure about the noise that my heels were making so I did tiptoe a whole lot. I had the passing thought that this was kinda silly as I shouldn't really be concerned about this. It's part of that wonder of me being a woman up front, right?

So, while we were in the receiving line after worship, this little old lady says to me, "I used to work in Monument Square and I used to wear high heels all of the time. And I just love the sound. I love hearing you walk back and forth in worship." Amen.


Pink Shoes said...

Amen, indeed!

Songbird said...

I love that old lady!

Iris said...

Listen to the old lady!