Today, I went shopping for housewares. It's a full time job with a new place. I can't help but think of Carrie Bradshaw's desire to host a shower for being single. But, there is no such thing and I AM single so I get to do it alone.

So, I was wondering around the World Over Imports looking at furniture when I hear "BEVERLY!". My name is not Beverly. But, I was acutely aware of this older man -- comfortably sitting in an arm chair --screaming at his wife across the store and pointing at me.

"BEVERLY, come here!" He tried to be more discreet but he was still pointing at me.

Beverly walked past me and nodded with a half-smile. I smiled at her thinking "Ah, this is what it is like to be a pastor in a 'small town.'"

I actually miss New York.

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