That was No Burning Bush

It was totally innocent. I swear.

This morning, I went to get a bagel at a local coffee shop. Of course, I'm not in New York anymore so the thing barely looks like a bagel and most importantly, they don't prepare it for you with complete excess of cream cheese.

So, I took the bagel that I was already not certain about to work. I went to the little kitchen where the staff microwave is and discovered there was a toaster. I was excited because I was convinced that this required the need of a little toasty warmth. I walked away for 3 minutes from the toaster that I assumed would pop up by itself. I had a brief chat and went back to find a flaming bagel.

Literally, flaming. I didn't think bagels could burn like that (which again, makes me wonder if the thing would have been any good anyhow). Oh, and there is smoke everywhere. EVERYWHERE! I'm trying to play cool and think that it will all be fine. Nope, the new alarm system goes off. It's one of those fancy new ones that actually talks to you and slams all of the doors while scaring the living daylights out of you.

I'm so humiliated. The firemen show up. Big truck outside the church. O Holy God.

Ok, so they were cute. But, that's not a reason to be excited that they were there. I can't believe this is happening. This is totally going to be in the sermon on Sunday (which I am co-creating). I'm so ashamed. But, I did add insult to my own injury and smiled with the less cute of the two firemen.



Songbird said...

That's a great picture! You'll probably enjoy this story more later...

steve westby said...

Ah, yes, embarrassment. I recall it well. Like the time I tried to go repelling with my fellow boy scouts, but slipped on the rock and couldn't summon the courage to try it again. Or when I had a chair in the back of spanish class, and was trying to lean back against the wall -- only I had the angle wrong and made a rather loud "thwack!" as I fell on the floor.

My point is just that I've been there. I imagine we all have. There is no shame in it.

more cows than people said...

this is the stuff first years of first calls are made of, i believe. blessings.