Holy Unreadiness

I moved two days ago. I am settling into my new home where my ministry will begin. And aside from the fact that all of Portland can see into my windows and see all of me (as there is no place to hide), I am beginning to feel at home. A little lonely, but I'm settling into this new place slowly.

Yesterday, I went to the church to unload the six boxes of books that were making my car go put put. It was the first thing on my to-do list as I had a lot of other stuff to pick up that would not cram in the car with these boxes of books.

And I committed a clergy sin. I ended up staying at the church for two hours. I don't start there for ten days, but I spent two hours chatting and unloading. It wasn't that it was unproductive time. I spent most of that time unloading the boxes of books onto my new office shelves and chatting with the interim and others around the office. But, see, the problem is that I don't work there yet. I start in two weeks. I shouldn't be there. I should be doing all the other things that I need to do and starting that later. But in my lonely state without new community, I screamed sanctuary and spent two hours at church. Heaven forgive me for loving church too much.

I just wish I felt more prepared to serve her.


Iris said...

I would worry about you if you did feel "ready." Thankfully, it's the Spirit that equips us!

I think it's great that you went to the church! You are beginning to build community and get your bearings before you have to dive in. (How's that for mixed metaphors?) Have fun setting up house and exploring your new community. If I were there, I would throw you that shower!

Jeff said...

I did the same thing re: stocking bookshelves before my start date while others were around. It was only a few days before I was to start, so I excuse myself on those grounds.:)

Moving to a new town is tough, especially when the only people you know are from your church. Hopefully you're able to find opportunities for relationships apart from your congregation. That can be tricky, but it's necessary for pastoral health.

Hope the rest of the move goes well.