Rain, rain, go away

It's raining today. It's not a hard rain. It's not spitting. But, it's one of those constant rains where you just seem to get wet no matter what. It's one of those rains that makes you want to stay inside and watch made-for-TV movies (whether or not you are able to admit that you secretly indulge in Lifetime Television for Women). But, I decided to go for a run this morning. In fact, I was on my way to the gym but as I was running down the street, I found myself turning and running toward the Back Bay. It reminds me of the reservoir in the middle of Central Park back in New York with a path that loops around it going nowhere particular around this strange body of water.

The rain matched my mood after attending a vigil last night to remember those that have died, are still dying and will continue to die of AIDS and HIV. The rain matches my sorrow. But, as I ran around Back Bay, I found myself splashing in puddles. Literally, jumping in puddles for the sheer joy of being soaked with water. I was already soaked by the rain. My shoes were making that gross juicy noise. But, I splashed anyway. And I remembered that even in the rain, there is still hope. It's a nice thought to begin Advent with so on this day, I just want to say thank you for the rain.

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Songbird said...

I tried not to get wet, since I'm still also trying to get well, but I love the image of you out there, thankful for the rain. Hope you're warm and dry tonight!