Reading Challenge XIII, XIV, XV, XVI

I will start my return to America posting with the books that I read while I was away.

I started with humor -- because we all need a little David Sedaris in our lives and he just came out with a new book. I admit that he is a recent discovery for me so I'm catching up. I laughed on the plane and into Glasgow with Me Talk Pretty One Day -- which I hope a guest or member of the Iona Community also enjoys because I left my copy there.

After finishing this humor, I moved on to some girl power books. When I went shopping for books (do others do this where they pick a theme for what they want to read while they are on vacation?), I was all about the girl power. I found this book at our local independent bookseller called A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness. It's published by a small publishing house that maintains a blog. I loved this book. Loved it. They were all short stories that were really easy to read. I highly recommend this. This is the only book I brought home with me.

I was still in Glasgow when I got to my third book, Moral Disorder and Other Stories by Margaret Atwood. Yes, more short stories. I liked this one a lot too -- though it did keep me company through Iona and most of Edinburgh. It follows the story of one woman over the span of her lifetime. It's really rather interesting. I also recommend this though my copy got sopped with water while hiking so I left it in Edinburgh where I hope someone will enjoy it.

Finally, after going on the Old Town Literary Pub Crawl in Edinburgh, I learned that Oscar Wilde had an affair with a Catholic priest who served the church pictured here. Our fabulous tour guide told us that Wilde modeled the character of Dorian Gray in The Picture of Dorian Gray after this priest. Obviously, I had to read that -- so I picked it up at a local independent bookseller in St. Andrews and read about the vanity of the priesthood. I hope no former lover of mine writes about me this way -- but it was good. Get that. I even read a classic on my trip.

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Rose Metal Press said...

Glad you liked A Peculiar Feeling of Restlessness! Thanks for posting about it, and thanks to Longfellow Books (I think that's where you got it?) for selling it.