Reading Challenge XII

Today, while pushing myself on the treadmill onto the next page, I finished Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light. The priest that edited the letters together did a wonderful job in some ways. In other ways, he just repeated what Mother Teresa had already said. I wanted more depth than he offered as her letters were intense. I wanted some additional commentary that I guess is too early to offer.

I was surprised by Mother Teresa. I thought she was more of a kindred spirit than I found her to be. I struggle with her atonement theology. No, I hate it. She condemned abortion as the one thing that keeps the world from peace. I see her point, but I don't agree. But, I really, really struggled with her throwing herself into the crucifixion of Jesus. She wanted to experience pain, loss, poverty and hunger to bring herself closer to Jesus -- while she doubted that he was even there. It's an authentic telling of the spiritual journey but somehow hard to read. Interesting though. Definitely interesting. Now, onto some lighter reading, I hope.

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