Good Night Macbook

Good Night internet access.
Good Night power cord.
Good Night e-mail.
Good Night Facebook.
Good Night blogging community.

I will soon turn off my computer to practice my sermon a couple more times before preaching it and hopping on a bus to get to a plane that will take me to Scotland. It promises to be a long, long day of travel. But, even the Musicman is insistent that a proper goodbye is important. He couldn't say goodbye to me last night at the fun show where he was playing (and I had to leave early). He wants to see me off at the bus stop. Of course, I tried to talk him out of this because I have no idea what to do with the emotions that I'm feeling. That's normal, right? Well, they're already packed away for the next 3 weeks of travel. I'm taking those feelings with me as a make my way to Scotland.

Though I am taking a hint from Teri and calling an internet fast, I know it's a lie. I'll be alone for 5 days. I will probably check my email. I might even blog. But, I do indeed have the intention of turning it all off for the next 3 weeks. I wish you well in these next few weeks and hope that God blesses you with a wonderful end to July. God knows, August is going to be amazing.


Maria said...

I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time in Scotland! And next time I read your blog (if you indeed manage not to blog during your trip), I'll be in DC! Yay!

Songbird said...

Have a lovely trip, and a lovely farewell, too!

LittleMary said...

have a just wonderful trip my dear!

more cows than people said...

i've been away, but i too am wishing you well!