Bad News

While I was on vacation, an opporunity for women in ministry became available. With the events that I attended this summer, I thought that maybe women in ministry were making some exciting changes. I thought that things were getting better. This news does not prove this point. It makes me sad. OK. It actually makes me furious. But, leave it to the boys at Southwestern Theological Seminary.

Southwestern’s Homemaking Concentration provides “practical experiences for skill development for the most important job a woman may have: the nurture and care of the family.”

The Web site describes further the intentional design of the Homemaking Concentration stating that, “It is unique in that we recognize the need to challenge women both intellectually and practically. It is our mission to equip a woman to impact women and families for Christ.”

I would love to hear thoughts on this new program. In fact, I would really like to read something published in Fidelia's Sisters. Have you heard about this upcoming publication? It's a new publication created by the board of the Young Clergy Women's Project to address issues, concerns and the abundant creativity of young women in ministry. It will be an online publication which you can watch for here. And I'm hyping it without the consent of my fellow board members (did I say I was on the board?), but I'm really excited about it the good news that is coming. The release date is October 1st. Get ready!


more cows than people said...

wow. golly. wow.

i'm wiped tonight and can't generate anything more articulate.

but... i can let you know your link doesn't work. you reversed women and clergy. i tried it the other way and found it! hope that helps.

wow. golly. wow.

Pastor Peters said...

oops. thanks morecows. i think i really want to be a woman first, and then clergy. i reverse the address in my mind in protest.

Teri said...

I heard about this new program earlier this year, I think, and was outraged then. Now I just think "oh how typical"--which is equally outrageous.

So, vacation anyone?

Pastor Peters said...

we're going to iooooona. (singing, i am)