A Little Teaser & A Game

You may have heard of the soon-to-be released publication of Fidelia's Sisters. I've already blogged about it. Perhaps you're already bored with the news. But, I'm a wee bit excited.

There will be all kinds of great columns and insights written and created by, for and in support of young women clergy. I'm writing one these articles on this Sunday night in my sweats before I go pick up a friend from the airport. It's a serial novel. Each month, there will be a new segment in the adventures of someone like us -- a young lady preacher. Her name is Lexi. She's divorced and lives somewhere in rural America. I imagine her to be something like the Simpsons. Only when her movie is released (yes, I dream that a movie will be released that actually debunks the myth of what we do) will we discover what state she actually lives in. Maybe that too will be decided by a game.

But for now, the game is simply to figure out the name of this quaint little town. I automatically go to Biblical names because I'm a big ol' Bible nerd. I lean toward Corinth because it was a racy kinda place. Oh, and it's a town in upstate NY. But, perhaps she does live in Springfield. Or perhaps she lives in Moline or Corpus Christi or... well, you decide. Where should Lexi live? Submit all entries below.


more cows than people said...


That's a town in the Catskills.

Intercourse? (as in PA)

Yeah... check out the PA map. good possibilities abound.

sounds like it will be VERY fun to read.

Susie/Nueva Cantora said...

I love the idea of her living in Corpus Christi.... but it makes me think the Texas town, which isn't really rural america...