Eventually, I will become a techie wiz and know how to embed this image into my sidebar. But, I'm still a just clueless one that wants to get the word out so it will have to reside in a post for now.

I am going -- and you should too (if you are under 35)!

See, it took an entire remodeling of my blog for it to happen, and I still can't get the darn thing to actually shrink to fit the box over there. Thanks Songbird!


Songbird said...

Sigh. I can hear the words of Wendy to Peter Pan: "I'm old now, Peter. I'm ever so much more than twenty."

Pastor Peters said...

Ya know, the minute I posted that I knew that you were going to say something about your age. Groan. You are young, beautiful and lovely.

LadyBurg said...

When you figure it all out - that techi stuff - let me know. I just don't know what to do. Guess I'll put it in a post too.

By the way, who has such cool shoes?

hee heeeeeeee

Susan Olson said...

What did you do to make it fit in your sidebar there? I want some!

Songbird said...

I'm sorry. With a birthday looming, my age is on my mind.