A Benediction

Tomorrow, I will be installed into the church I serve by the love and care of the Association of my denomination that affirms our covenant together. Songbird will preach -- and having heard very, very little about her preparation, I'm so excited to hear what will come.

At the end of the service, after we have fully meditated on everything that could possibly relate to fish from our prayerful exploration of John 21:1-6, I will offer these words to send us on our way (or as it may be, into our covenant):

Cast your net out.
To the right side of the boat.
You will find some.
Swimming as if they were streaming toward –
not us, exactly,
but what they’ll be
Soon they’ll swim out
into separate waters,
but for now they’re
shoulder to shoulder
One can actually see them transpiring.
Cast out your net, and swim.
Swim forward for God already sees it all.


ppb said...

Did you write it?

Alex said...

Congrats and best wishes!! Have a wonderful day.

more cows than people said...

blessings! may the catch in this ministry be abundant beyond belief! cast out your net and trust.

We Do It Too said...

beautiful. i hope you have a wonderful day.

Pastor Peters said...

I did write it... or adapted it from a poem. We will be reading a Mark Doty poem called "Fish R Us". I love it.

Thanks for the prayers.