High and Low

This youth group game annoys me -- though I often use it on mission trips. It seems to work in that context best. But then again, it works for today. My day was marked by my high and low. Actually, I'm not even sure I can limit my answer to the silly youth group question to one answer. But, here it goes.

HIGH: The confirmands (who became members today) lead us in worship this morning. This was a new thing for this church. They are not used to anyone leading worship other than the clergy, so to see youth in this role was a little earth shattering.

There were two highs in worship. The first was after three of our confirmand ladies lead the Children's Sermon. The shy girl among the trio handed me the mic after the sermon and said: "I rocked that prayer." And she did. I laughed aloud.

The other high during worship was when another confirmand preached on Revelation 21:1-6. He mumbled a bit, but he caught the groove in the end and cracked a joke that wasn't scripted. And the sermon was awesome. I'm so proud.

And though you are only supposed to offer one high and one low, I'm going to add a third high. I attended the surprise bridal shower of the young woman that just joined the church. She's been an active new member and has been helping out with the youth program. And I gathered today with others that love her to celebrate her new beginning in love. She and her partner will be blessed by the church (though not the state) in two weeks. Blessings upon them.

LOW: My well-intentioned conversation about the Will of God crashed and burned at youth group. It was awful. There was no redeeming it. It felt as though that hour was a complete waste of time -- though the kids caught up with each other. And when I attempted to try to plan for the summer, they were so resistant that I couldn't help feel hurt. Maybe I'm not hurt. Maybe I'm angry. Or perhaps frustrated. Sigh.


more cows than people said...

oh... i know youth group nights like that... it seems i had a lot of them my first year in ministry... sorry about that. hang in there with them... it will pay off. it already is, this morning is a case in point for you. Praise God!

PPB said...

well, at least it's more highs than lows!

Songbird said...

Bear in mind that in this geographic area, everyone, not just youth, will soon resist being pinned down to anything. We call it summer. It's brief and poignant. We don't want any commitments. We become pagan and worship God outdoors. For clergy from away, it's a shock.

LadyBurg said...

I know these highs and lows so well. There is nothing like youth ministry to give you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

May there always be more highs than lows!

Mary Beth said...

Amen. As a layperson who once led a group of youth not so much younger than I was...yikes! (I am old now...still get feelings hurt tho)

Last weekend I led a section of confirmation retreat (on prayer, pretty abstract stuff!) for 16 kids. It was wonderful and frustrating and at the end of the day I was exhausted, bone deep tired.

The youth minister asked me to repeat it next year. I agreed to pray about it. I think, if God agrees, that I am willing to do it again...about once a year is my limit though. :)