An Obituary

Sometime this afternoon, Rev. Jerry Falwell breathed his last breath and left our world. For all of those that grieve this loss, I hope that the love of God surrounds them. I hope that the peace of Christ uplifts every child that mourns this day.

But, for me, I'm in shock. I wonder how the Holy Spirit will sustain us. What will modern Christianity -- with all of the divisions that have been created -- look forward to? Where will the grace of the Spirit guide us as we bid farewell to this servant? It is my humble prayer that the divisions imposed and upheld by the Moral Majority might dissolve with the passage of time. It is my simple prayer that we seek to find more ways to the church universal -- in the spirit of Pentecost.

I uplift these prayers to God who now cradles the Rev. Jerry Falwell in her arms. May God grant us all peace that surpasses understanding.

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Songbird said...

I felt it as a shock, too. Somehow I never thought of that voice, so difficult to hear, silenced.
My prayer is that he feels embraced in his new reality, understanding the completeness of God's love for all of us.