Sacred Journeys

I need some help. Last night, I met with the women's spirituality group to see where we would go with this circle. They want to begin by exploring their faith journeys, but want some direction of how to articulate this journey other than giving the Inquirer's Meeting introduction. I can only think of Sue Monk Kidd, which isn't exactly right. Do you know of any other women that offer help in articulating this? Please HELP ME!

Oh, and I'm getting nasty emails from a congregant who thinks my youth ministry is not effective. I want to cry. But, instead, I'm going to the 90 year old birthday party that smells so good downstairs.


Songbird said...

May I suggest a book written by a man and a woman that is great for any group wanting to explore the spiritual journey?
It's "Finding Jesus, Discovering Self," by Goldman and Dols, and it's fabulous. Short chapters, really written for an individual but very easily adaptable for use with a group. If you want to see my copy, let me know.

Audrey said...

we just did that for companions in christ - i don't rememebr exactly what we did, but you coudl probably steal some ideas from it.

Anonymous said...

Have them read The Dance of The Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd

more cows than people said...

there's a great book that i read in college, i think it's on my book shelf in my office, but i'm not sure... the title is escaping me.. something like "rattling these dry bones"- not sure... it was a series of essays from women articulating why they stay in the church. good stuff.

(((pastor peters))) that e-mail sounds painful. sending you love.

Mrs. M said...

I'm reading At The Root of This Longing, which is fabulous, BUT if they're uncomfortable discussing other religious traditions, it could be dicey.