Be afraid

So, I found something fun on the internet that may entertain me for hours. Or may provide the perfect comeback to the congregant that is driving me crazy. It's the Bible Curse Generator.

I probably won't get to use this on my congregants -- not soon anyhow. Apparently, a young woman who I had dinner last week ran into some church members and they got to talking about me. Gulp. These church members told said new friend that they were really excited that I am here at this church. They are eager for change and hope that I will bring it. Gulp gulp. This information was relayed to me tonight through another friend.

The problem is: I don't know who these church members were. And my bigger concern is that we are shifting toward a non-pastor centered governance model. So the change can't be me. It will be all of the people in the pews. I will be the cheerleader. Perhaps a pushy, opinionated cheerleader, but a cheerleader nonetheless. Sigh.

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