Too Good to Be True

Have you ever had this conversation with someone?

You start talking about how everything seems to be clicking so well that you are both unnerved. I find this is not really something to complain about. But, it has happened often recently. There's my friend that got dumped by mean boy last night. She and I have had this conversation several times over. We've only known each other a year -- but our friendship just fell into sync. This happened with another friend when I moved here. He is like my brother. It was so overwhelming in the beginning of our friendship that he asked me if we were dating -- and because he's gay, I thought this was hysterical. This would be a good day to write that article for The Ones We Love that I have been meaning to write.

And yet, the reason I'm thinking about how things are a little too good to be true this morning is because of my fabulous date last night. There were cocktails, food, a walk on the pier, cuddling on a bench watching the planes fly in (ok, it doesn't sound that great), another glass of wine and some making out.

Between sips of that last glass of wine, we actually had that conversation about things being too good to be true. It wasn't awkward or strange. We both agreed. There was happy silence between us -- the kind that you don't rush to fill. You are just happy to be together. That's when the conversation started about this too good to be true business. This is a little unnerving for me. Ok, totally unnerving. But, I think I like this boy. I think I really, really like this boy -- and this seems too good to be true. Who the hell cares though? I'm going to wear my silly girly smile into the day and pray no one dies because I can't stop smiling.


Teri said...

yay! so glad you had a good time. :-)

Songbird said...

It sounds great to me!

Sarah K. said...


more cows than people said...

woohoo! such a great feeling!

apbs said...