I'm Not the Senior Pastor

A church member died on Monday.

Angry daughter just appeared in the building to announce that she wanted the funeral here. Mind you, she had already decided she didn't want me to do the service. She's going to wait two weeks until the Senior Pastor is back from vacation. Ahem. But, the church is not avaiable. It's under construction. We have covenanted to meet the deadline of a church member's wedding...

No, we can't make exceptions.
No, I'm sorry. We are trying to honor a church member's wedding date.
Yes, I know your mother was a member for a long time.
Yes, I understand this is hard. I'm so sorry.
No, I can't make that decision. You will have to speak with the Senior Pastor when he's back from vacation.

I understand that she wants the pastor that has ministered to her mother for 18 years. I understand this is hard. But, I WAS THE ONE THAT FUCKING VISITED HER IN THE HOSPITAL! I was the one that walked with her toward death, not my colleague. Intellectually, I get it. But, this was not a good end to my day.

I have to go get in a good mood before my date. (Ooooooooooh! Yes! A Second Date!) And this means, I must leave the church building. NOW.


Songbird said...

I hope you have fun! Sorry for the difficulties.

Teri said...

grr!! i feel your AP pain. hope tonight is great!!

apbs said...

yuck (the former part of the blog, not the latter)