Happy Things

I was tagged by APBS to name the ten things for which I’m grateful -- which is a fun summer exercise for this young preacher gal that can't stop with the stupid smile.

1. Making out like teenagers. (Judge what you will.)
2. Rising to a Challenge
3. Reading words written by another that resonate with my heart in poetry, in blog, in book or in the sand at the beach.
4. Having steady work, health insurance and a pension, when the economy is so crazed and driving a Prius when gas prices are sky-high. (I copied this one from Sarah as I have offered this thanksgiving several times over recently).
5. My baby sister that turns 17 today!
6. Having family that I know I can turn to when something goes wrong. Or even when something goes right.
7. Finding and creating community across the many places I have called home.
8. Having the perfect song come on the radio which calls me to sing out of tune or dance around my apartment like a crazy woman. This also works really well with running outside. 80s music is great for that.
9. When God proves that I'm not the cynic or pessimist I think I am. It's humbling but I love it when God proves me wrong.
10. The women of YCW that read my blog. In our virtual board meeting yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the power of the prayer community we share and I often take for granted.

And so, it is now my task to tag others, so here it goes: Rev. Ez, Ann, Pink Shoes, Teri, Father Stacy.


apbs said...

yay! thx for playing along.

Songbird said...

I am grateful for you.
And also a participant in a love story that had a teenager like makeout session early on...

Pastor Peters said...

love story? songbird, that might be overshooting. we might have to meet at the bridge so we can continue that conversation we had a few weeks ago.

Songbird said...

Let's do. If it ever stops Fundering.