The Journey to Synod

Once I finish my first cup of coffee, I'm hopping in my car and heading to Hartford, CT for General Synod 26. I must admit that I'm really excited (yeah, who's a church nerd?).

I will see old friends and meet new ones. I hope that I get to hug the pastor I've never met who offered her home for discernment when I was thinking about taking a call last summer. I get to worship when I'm not in leadership. I will get to spend lots of time with one of my best friends. I will get to share in the wonder of celebrating 50 years of our young denomination. I'm silly excited -- and a little nervous. I have no idea what will happen this weekend. And yet, the Spirit will be at work. And that is always exciting!


Alex said...

Have a great time!

LittleMary said...

all you cool people are UCC. someone the otehr day told me: "Little Mary, they go and they have fun! they don't spend days debating and arguing, but are actually nurtured." hmpfh. have a great time, one day maybe i will be there too.

more cows than people said...

don't leave us little mary! we have some fun too, some, remember the TAMFS luncheon at least!

have a blast! i get giddy, or at least i used to, about denominational gatherings too.