I Oppose Immigration Reform

Do you? I'm not going to tell you how to vote or what you should think. But, in my humble and uncomplicated opinion, I think this legislation is awful. Or as my friends at Interfaith Worker Justice call it, "mean-spirited." I imagine these justice seekers trying to come up with the right word for their horror. And "mean-spirited" was the best they could do to supress their outrage. And we should be outraged.

Children of God, our fellow humans are being demoralized in horrifying ways. This guest worker program flirts frightening closely with slavery. This is not OK. This is not what we hope for in our world or how we abide by the golden rule.As Christians, we are supposed to welcome the stranger. Our Christian call is to offer a home for pilgrims in a foreign land.

And Children of God, we are called to speak to power. Do it early this week. This bill is being debated this week. Tell your senator what you think. And pray for justice for our immigrants, our pilgrims and all that wander without welcome.

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