Five Things I Dig About Jesus

Oh my gosh! I was tagged for a meme. I must admit that I don't even really know what a meme is. But, I have read several that have been passed around on various blogs that I frequent. But, never -- in my wildest dreams -- would I have imagined that I would be tagged for one. But, miracles never cease. Backwoods Rev tagged me for the 5 Things I Dig About Jesus meme. Could that be any more fun? I don't think so. Nope. OK. So, here are the rules (just so you know I'm not not cheating):

Rules for this meme:
a)Those tagged will share "Five Things They Dig I Jesus".
b)Those tagged will tag 5 people. (if they can find someone untagged!)
c) Those tagged will leave a link to their meme in the comments section of the blog of the person who tagged them (meaning this post) so that everyone can keep track of what's being posted.

Now that the rules are out of the way... I would like to honestly confess that the FIRST thing that I dig about Jesus is that he never ever played by the rules. Yes, he would have shared (even a meme, if that were possible). But, he didn't play by the rules. In fact, his tendency was to do what was not expected of him -- or anyone else in first century Palestine.

Ah Palestine. This reminds me that the SECOND thing that I dig about Jesus is that he preached with conviction and without hesitation, "Blessed are the peacemakers." He stood up for peace and reminded those that might react and retaliate with violence or harsh words to pause, count to ten and turn the other cheek.

This was not actually the only time that Jesus referred to the body or bodily part. And we should all dig this one. Because the THIRD thing that I dig about Jesus is that he was embodied. He was physically present with all that he encountered. He touched. He healed. He reclined with the beloved. And one guy even ran away from him naked (it's in Mark). I love that Jesus loves humanity so much that he celebrated flesh by becoming flesh and adoring all the pleasures of being flesh.

Oh, and that reminds me of the FOURTH thing I dig about Jesus! He knew how to throw a good party. (Make no assumptions that my mind went from sex to parties.) He threw the very first keg party and continually invited all of the interesting people from town to come to celebrate. To celebrate life and being together. To celebrate food and drink. To celebrate all that makes life beautiful.

And finally, FIFTHLY I dig that Jesus challenges me every day to live deeper into this world, to reach beyond myself and to love with reckless abandon. Could you ask for anything more than that?

Perhaps. I bet there are other bloggers with other thoughts and I still play by the rules so I tag: Alex, Hughman, Audrey, Kweerspirit and The Pastor's Husband.

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Durrell said...

My five things can be viewed at my blog: kweerspirit.blogspot.com. PS - I miss you!