Jesus Hugs

I'm writing for my sermon for Sunday while I listen to the snow fall outside (or is it rain now?). I'm having a tough time getting to the conclusion, as I seem to have ended up writing a social justice sermon. OOPS. But, this poem keeps echoing in my head. I used to read it to kids while I was serving in Appalachia. Before they ventured to the worksite, I reminded them of Jesus hugs. And all week they gave them. It worked well as a metaphor. I fear it's too cute for this sermon, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hear it.


Have you ever had a "Jesus hug",
Do you know what one feels like?
If you've never had a "Jesus hug",
I pray one day you might.

A "Jesus hug" is different,
As far as hugging goes;
It's a little taste of Heaven,
Here on earth below.

Only those who love the Lord,
Can give a "Jesus hug";
It conveys God's grace and mercy,
And unconditional love.

Those who give out "Jesus hugs"
Always seem to somehow know
Just when you're in need of one
To make your spirit glow.

And if you ever need one
I hope that I will see,
So I can give you a "Jesus hug";
Just like someone did for me.

© 1996 Jan McIntosh


Songbird said...

I love it!
We're using "Jesus Loves Me" as our Affirmation of Faith this week. I feel very radical.

Audrey said...

Love it Elsa! I will use that with my youth!