I am writing the Prayer of the People for tomorrow's worship service. So, I was looking for inspiration from my trusted friends at Textweek. And they steered me toward this awful prayer that scares the holy crap out of me, which I am not going to share all of with you. You can find it yourself, if you feel so moved. I don't recommend it. Just read this part. Not as a prayer, but a concern that prayers like this might be uttered anywhere.

Sovereign Creator, we exalt you for the United States of America and all countries. We thank you for our president George W. Bush and for leaders and citizens everywhere. Bless our soldiers around the world. Make us instruments of your peace. Surround us with glad cries of deliverance. Help us to lay aside envy, resentment, and judgment so that we may focus on reconciliation and rejoicing.


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Songbird said...

That is scary!