What just happened?

I'm not sure what just happened. Really. I mean, I was there. And I know what I thought was going to happen. But, something different. Far different than I expected just happened. I just taught my first class of my Lenten series: Way of Torture, Way of the Cross. I thought that it was going to be a challenge. I thought that it was going to be really difficult.

Instead, the Spirit surprised me. There were about 20 people -- far more than I ever would have expected on a Wednesday afternoon at 4:30. And most of the gathered were grandparents, who chuckled when I mentioned that the UN Convention Against Torture was held before I was born (1975).

We explored the image of God in three Biblical passages. And honestly, they dug their heels in and really explored these three passages asking tough questions about the image of God and the implications in torture. I'm just amazed. I never thought it would go so well.

It's one of those moments. One of those moments that you remember: YES LORD! This is why I am here. This is why. I remember now. Thank you Jesus.

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Alex said...

Sounds like a great afternoon! You never know what will be well-attended and what won't. I was born after 1975 myself. :)