Photos of the New Pastor

I arrived to the office earlier this week to find my photo (larger than all of the others) hanging on the new member bulletin board. All of the new members have their photos taken and displayed on this bulletin board. But, I was horrified to see my face smiling back at me. Not only was I having a terrible hair day on that Sunday (which reminds me that I MUST get a haircut), but I just look horrible. Yuck.

I opened my email to find more photos. These were taken on Tuesday of this past week while I was ministering with the Seafarers Friends in the ports of our city. This is a very New England ministry founded in Boston in the 1830s or so to care for the needs of sailors coming into the city ports. Then, it was the need for a safe place to stay. Now, it's to provide moral support and a ride to Walmart (yes, there was a heated conversation with the chaplain about the evils of Walmart). I am again disgusted by my appearance. But, of course, I'm sharing it with you.

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