Light a Candle

World AIDS Day was this past Friday. I have several friends that are struggling with HIV so that this is an important day for me. Having recently travelled to Africa, this day takes on a whole new meaning. While I struggle with my own terror of cancer, I can't imagine the horror that HIV/AIDS carries for people and countries where medication is too costly or hope seems impossible.

And I can only pray that hope is possible. It seems hard to imagine when I attended a service on the eve of World AIDS Day here in Maine where attendance seemed so pathetic. I wondered where was hope. I wondered how we become impacted by these horrors that are outside of our context, and I took my first step toward understanding that I am not in New York anymore. In NYC, World AIDS Day is an event, but for many of my fellow Americans, the day goes unnoticed. But, I pray that there is hope and if you do too, please light a candle.

Light a candle for hope.


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