Saying Goodbye to Those Unknown

Christmas is one of those hard times for those of us that have lost dear family members. I remember my mother and miss her. I wish my grandmother would still serve her amazing feast. There are others. Sometimes it seems like too many others, like now.

I hugged a church member on Christmas Eve who was in tears. He had just lost his wife a month ago. My heart broke for him.

This morning I met with the daughter of a man that breathed his last on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow morning, together, we will say goodbye. I never knew this man and yet he sounds wonderful. He sounds like someone that we would all love to have in our families. And yet, how do you remember someone you never met? My own grief bubbles up. It's hard not to let it. But, so it is. Here we go. My first funeral.

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steve said...

I know what you mean. My father passed away almost two years ago after a long battle with Pick's Disease (which is somewhat like Alzheimer's, but primarily affects speech first, while Alzheimer's goes after memory first). Anyway, I find myself missing him more on occasions like holidays.

Prayers and best wishes to you on your first funeral as a pastor. My sense of you is that you have all the compassion and gentleness necessary to help the family in this difficult time.