The Song Stuck In My Head

It's not actually the song. It's the scene. But, it's stuck in my head. Have you seen Jesus Christ Superstar? It's one of my favorite movies. Thank you to Prof. Gabriella Lettini for introducing me to almost every, single Jesus movie under the sun. Without her help, I could not claim this not only as one of my favorite Jesus movies, but a favorite movie.

Andrew Lloyd Webber can have his fun on Broadway. But, this song is apparently not in his score. I find this really, really bizarre. And yet, it's the scene that keeps entering into my head. I can see the crowd emerging from the hillside and drawing closer and closer to Jesus in the hope of -- one touch. And they sing, longingly:

See my eyes, I can hardly see.
See me stand, I can hardly walk.
I believe you can make me whole.

See my tongue, I can hardly talk.
See my skin, I'm a mass of blood.
See my legs, I can hardly stand.
I believe you can make me well.

See my purse, I'm a poor, poor man.
Won't you touch, won't you mend me Christ?
Won't you help, won't you heal me Christ?
Won't you save, won't you pay me Christ?
Won't you kiss, you can cure me Christ.

Without a song in his throat, surrounded by the crowd, Jesus is almost overcome by them. And he yells. He yells with anger:

There's too many of you. Don't push me. There's not enough of me. Stop. Don't crowd me. LEAVE ME ALONE. Can't you heal yourselves?

Why in the world can't I get this image out of my mind? Go on you Freudians, you are probably right.


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