Earlier today, I was trying to scurry out of the office to make it to the gym in order to combat the anti-spread campaign. I haven't talked about this much because it wasn't serious until now. The spread arrived over my hips about three weeks ago. I'm not amused.

But as I was scurrying out of the office, my Google chat perked up. The greeting was rather darling. It was something about the sun coming out. I didn't see it outside my window but I'll welcome some sunshine. The conversation continued so that my friend PPB directly asked if I was leaving my present call or not.

Huh. Um...

I don't know, I told her. I'm thinking about it. She offered me a shopping metaphor. I can only say that there is a red suit that I saw there for way cheap three weeks ago and I didn't get it (because of the spread). I'm sad. It was pretty. Is this what I am supposed to glean from my friend's wisdom? Am I supposed to be shopping?

On a side note, I feel whiny. I don't mean to sound whiny -- but it's the mood I've been in recently. Please forgive me. Blame it on the spread, if you must.


Anonymous said...

Hope I wasn't too direct.

Teri said...

mmm, I feel the spread problem. I'm meeting my trainer this week for a new workout that will hopefully increase my motivation. good luck, friend!

Pastor Peters said...

so no, PPB. i love the directness.

dare i say: it makes me wonder if god is speaking through you.

Songbird said...

God does speak in mysterious ways. And move.