Reading Challenge IX

While in the middle of my amazing writing class that has me soaring into the wonder of words, I decided that I would spend my Sabbath with the words of another -- instead of my own. I mean, I have some brilliant things happening in my writing (thanks to the surreal job that I have) but I really needed to get lost in someone else's story.

So I finished God is Dead by Ron Currie Jr. Currie is a local writer which is kinda fun for me (but maybe not for you). I admit that this was one of those books that ends and you turn the page wondering how it could have ended there. I mean, the concept is enough to get you thinking. God manifests Godself in a refugee woman in Darfur -- and dies. Sets your mind running, doesn't it?

I started this book in the bar where I often have dinner. The bartender is wonderful and the clientele will probably appear somewhere in my novel. The woman that was seated next to me asked about the image on the cover (won't tell) and then insisted that this was some kind of heresy. I was befuddled. She knew my vocation. She's a little strange, but ... um, God's revelation on Earth did die in Christianity. We're still acting out the story, right? So, this is an interesting telling of that story (and there is even a resurrection). I actually wonder how this story can be so Christian while trying not to be. Anyhow, I would love to talk about this so please read it.

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