It is Well with my Soul

It is well, with my soul,
It is well, with my soul,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.

I love that line from the old hymn. I can sing it with conviction even though the other lyrics often make me squirm. I can sing this refrain with such solidarity because it echoes with my heart strings. It resonates more often that not. So, I will tell you what is going well -- though I still don't know how to make bullets.

FRIENDS. This must be first among my list because I am so grateful for the folks that I can now faithfully call friends. There are some that get me lost -- and yet those are the friends for which I would go another 10000 miles. I am mystified by the strange mystery that I can find family in a mere 18 months. Or in the case of one of these friends, in a mere two weeks. I have found a circle and it is growing wider. I celebrate this every day. I honestly don't know how much more thankful I could be.

JUSTICE. I have a bad habit of affirming my conviction and tireless activism to a particular cause. This is why my name has become recognizable when I show up in our State Capital in a mere 18 months. I signed up for another one of these justice-seeking causes recently. I joked with the SP that this is what happens when he gives me his ticket to the Equality Maine dinner. I sign up to fight for marriage equality. And then, I get excited. Really excited as if religion has something to say about these things. Optimism be damned.

CHURCH. Last week, I wrote a newsletter article last week that expressed my glee with how well things are going well with church. I told them I was ready to deck out in red because this is the color we celebrate in -- even though it is liturgically inappropriate. These words were true. There are still things that give me a headache -- namely Youth Ministry. And yet, by grace or divine intervention, something is happening among us. Perhaps the SP is right. I have more to give to these people long term. I wonder sometimes if they need more than I can give. I wonder what lies ahead -- but I love that they are challenging me and igniting me to bigger and better things.

WRITING. I'm taking a class about fiction writing at the local university. I love it. I'm learning and journaling and writing. It's amazing. Why didn't I do this sooner?

MEN. This isn't actually a joy. There aren't any men -- but Little Mary asked. Boatman called again two weeks later. I find this rude and unforgivable -- but I overcame my bias and called him back. It should be no surprise that he has not called back. However, he did quit Match.com. I don't know why he told me this -- but it's true. I also had another date that never materialized. We'll call him Sketchy. I am annoyed at this process. And yet, the echo of my dear friend who went to seminary here lingers: "You'll never meet a man in Maine." Um, perhaps it may be so. This may be one of the reasons that I wonder about a search.

For all of these things -- and probably a few more -- it is well. It is well with my soul.


more cows than people said...

well, so glad to know how well it is with your soul. you've been navigating some intense stuff (judging from the last post I read).

and you don't need bullets, this is super readable, but if you'd like tutorial feel free to e-mail me at morecowsthanpeople at gmail dot com. it is SUPER easy.

bless you.

LittleMary said...

so happy to read this post, but sorry about boatboy...there are so many flakes! piss me off. but isn't it good to celebrate so many other things? i am with ya on that. glad to be with ya.