Reading Challenge II

After settling into bed to check email and watch a little late night TV, I read Alex's blog only to discover that she is on her fourth book. Doh! I hate it when guilt is motivation -- but I admit it. I turned off the TV and turned to the last pages of Here If You Need Me.

This is the book that I will be discussing with my new book group in the beginning of February so I was taking my time as not to appear a complete moron and slacker at our first gathering. I wonder what we will talk about at this discussion. There are some good themes about what it means to be in ministry (it's a book group of ministers) and how to face our fears -- as well as some really good stuff about tragic horrible death.

Kate Braestrup is also brave enough to talk about her own grief. And as you might guess, this is something that it's important to me. I don't happen to share her perspective AT ALL. But, I love that she talks about this hard stuff. As I've closed the novel and left it on my bedside table, the nagging idea that lingers is that when this hard stuff hits, we can only rely on cliches. This has not been true for my experience of grief and loss. It pains me that this is true for this Unitarian minister because it's not what I do in my ministry (as I will not tomorrow morning when I meet with a widow). However, it's a wonderful book that has made me love my adopted state a little bit more.

So, I'm on to my third book in the new year of which I have already read a chapter. You can find my head buried in The Book of Lost Things trying to find some connection to others that understand my grief. Maybe this twelve-year-old boy will help me as my mother's 21st anniversary approaches.


LittleMary said...

i am so motivated by competition. i can't believe alex has read so much. oh well, i can't read faster:)

and i would like to hear more about your thoughts about the book. i loved how she dealt pastorally with a few of the stories she told and the ending part...anyway. enough for the comments. love ya.

apbs said...

alex is kicking my ass, too. and i don't have two young children.