Reading Challenge I

Alex has proposed a challenge -- which I'm responding to like a good dare. Alex has discovered some startling statistics about the habits of American readers. Or non-readers, as the case may be. It is one of my hopes to read more books in the coming year because it's something I love and it's just plain silly not to make more time for it. So, as you can read in her post about the Reading Challenge, Alex encourages her fellow bloggers to write a book about the books that they have just finished.

On the plane home from Ohio, I finished my first book of the new year which was a gift from Santa. Santa gave me this copy of Little Chapel on the River about a woman that found a community of faith just after the tragedy of 9/11. Her journey is atypical as she didn't flee to church. Instead, she traveled north just past my hometown to find a new community to support and sustain her through this tragedy. And that chapel, it's a bar. It's a sweet true story about what holds us together.

My next book is one that I'm reading with one of the best Christmas gifts possible -- the incarnation of a book group -- just before Christmas Dinner. A group of us will be getting together in early February to discuss the newly released Here If You Need Me since two of us got it for Christmas.

What are you reading?


Alex said...

Ooh, this looks interesting. I am putting this book on my list now. Thanks for playing!

QuakerPastor said...

I'm going to post about my first read in a little while...
You and I ahve a little in common.
I too live and work out my call in the Northeast (I'm in the Adirondacks!)I also hail from Ohio.

QuakerPastor said...

Now I see I misread a sentence in your post--I thought it said on the way home TO Ohio...Oh well.