A Revolutionary Idea

I just saw Michael Moore's new movie. I'm sure you've already seen it. Or perhaps you dismissed Moore long ago. I admit that I kinda like him. I like the sensationalism. It's the stuff that I wish I could get away with in sermons. Then, maybe it would really stir people up. Because the gospel is supposed to stir you up.

This film wasn't so sensationalist. For better or worse, it wasn't quite so dramatic. But, I didn't expect the tour of other nations. I didn't expect to see how other nations approach healthcare. Moore points to France, Canada, England and even (gasp) Cuba for their excellent healthcare systems. And the point that he gleans is so simple -- though it seems to have just dawned on him. It's as simple as this: We are supposed to see the humanity in others -- and this humanity should move us toward looking out for each other.

With all of the mission trips I have been on and heard about, I have seen this reality dawn. I have seen children and adults tell the same story about mission trips that I didn't get to go on. But, rarely, so very, very rarely do I hear these kinds of stories on an everyday it-happened-down-the-street way. It happened here. In America. Instead, we have to go to other places to figure out how to make connections. We have to travel to distant lands to realize that we are human. Isn't that sad?

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PH2 said...

Early in my wife's career, which was not long ago, a parishoner walked out during her sermon because of the content. She left a terse note for my wife saying "I don't come to church to hear bashing of big business." My wife cried when she first read the note the following Monday morning, but then called the woman and they met and had a productive conversation. Eventually they developed a good relationship. Being prophetic is hard, and in today's culture there are definitely right ways and wrong ways to go about being prophetic (no one would listen to Jonah these days) but I hope you'll at least give it a shot when you genuinely feeled called to delivery a prophetic message. The church needs more prophets.